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Brian Killeen


After 35 years working in the construction industry touching many trades I started off as a certified high pressure welder, my main job was a Pipe fitter and steel worker, after a few years I move on in different the industries looking for new challenges and opportunities and started up a small business in Interior finishing and custom décor and renovation, this opened many doors and exposed me different styles of décor and many people looking for that unique design or creation to add to their dream home , from custom woodworking to steel railings , the industrial or vintage look was always one of their preferred design choices .

From a young age I was always fascinated with machinery and its components and how they worked, and often I would try to fix broken stuff or as they say build a better mouse trap. But one of my biggest passions was going to garage sales and auctions and purchasing vintage or antique objects just because of its simplicity and cool look.

After several years of collecting all kinds of stuff, I realized I had to do something with it all, and came across a picture of a Steampunk Industrial Lamp made from several pieces of steel pipes and fittings and a old lamp shade, so I looked up these types of lamps and came across multiple designs and ideas so I built my first lamp for our home using my experience in different trades and the reaction from family and friend, was amazing so this led me to create more pieces and add my own style to them. These lamps create a lot of talk and many people and commercial establishments just love this kind of stuff and contact me on occasion with an idea for a lamp of their own.

I live in the country in West Quebec and in between jobs I go around to different farms and small industries looking for parts to salvage and incorporate them in my pieces, also being a volunteer fire fighter and first responder for over 20 years now, these creations are a relief to come back to and work on in my little shop.

I take pride in my creations and these pieces of art, shipping them around the country, inspired with salvaged parts, antiques, industrial and agricultural components and styled with an Industrial and Steampunk theme.

Cheers, Brian Killeen



Firefighter’s steampunk lamps among antique and vintage show treasures.

MEGAN GILLIS – Updated: April 7, 2019



Brian Killen from Vint-Age Lamps brings cool lamps to CTV Morning Live.

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